Praise for the book -
Tracking Wounded Deer

"Strongly recommended
for all deer hunters, and
for Bowhunters."

-Sports Afield


Tracking Wounded Deer -
Second Edition

The best reference a deer hunter can have to help him or her recover whitetails or mule deer that run out of sight before dying or that are wounded. Every year, numerous hunters tell the author stories about deer that they recovered because of information contained in this book. Most of them commented that they would not have found those deer if they hadn't read the book (160 pages, 72 photos).

Eight pages of color photos show
blood and hair sign.

"Smith's expert advice makes Tracking Wounded Deer the
most comprehensive work on the subject today."
The Outdoor Journal

Learn how to:

  • Track with a string tracker.

  • Track after dark.

  • Determine if your shot connected.

  • Read blood sign.

  • Determine type of hit.

  • Decide when to begin tracking.

  • Identify where hair came from.

  • Distinguish between tracks of wounded and healthy deer.

  • Solve the mystery of where your deer went after it left your sight.
"...Tracking Wounded Deer is as readable as it is important.
If you have only one whitetail book in your library, this should be it
...Here at American Hunter we have held this book in high regard....
Smith has done the hunting community a great service..."

John Zent, Former Editor
American Hunter Magazine
October, 2000

for the deer hunter"
Deer and Deer Hunting Magazine

Information you need to find deer you shoot!

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